Flexible Trading Strategy with Minimum Efforts

Let us introduce STEALTH4 - an expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 that bridges the gap between true flexibility and extreme easiness of use. Unlike many "click to get profit" tools, STEALTH4 breakout expert advisor doesn't rely on generic "one-size-fits-all" trading strategies. A flexible tool capable of working in Breakout and Retracement modes provides a firm trading instrument for both Flat and Trend markets. Powered by ten years of experience of the most successful traders and Forex software programmers, STEALTH4 allows building virtually any strategy from scratch or adopting an existing one to your specific intraday trading goals.

STEALTH4 have two main trading options: the Breakout mode and the Retracement mode. It also provides you with an opportunity to trade both Trend and Flat markets.

Main features of STEALTH4 EA are:

  • you can select the time when different trading sessions should work;
  • the program supports all forex currencies;
  • you can trade one or two orders in each direction with automatic SL movement after the first TakeProfit;
  • STEALTH4 uses only pending orders - Stop for Breakout mode and Limit for Retracement;
  • the double breakout mode protects you against false breakouts;
  • you can set all levels both in pips and as a percentage from the range;
  • it perfectly works with 4 or 5 digits brokers with all currencies.

You can find more STEALTH4 EA reports with different setups at the Results page.

How it works

STEALTH4 calculates support and resistance levels for some time interval (between RangeBegin and RangeEnd). This could be a previous trading session, for example. Then, at the time of RangeEnd the system places two pending orders D pips up and down from resistance and support values correspondingly.

It could be either BuyStop and SellStop orders for Breakout mode or SellLimit and BuyLimit orders for the Retracement mode. (BreakoutMode=True for breakout and False for retracement mode)

Take Profit #1, Take Profit #2 and Stop Loss levels could be entered in pips (StopLoss(TakeProfit1,TakeProfit2)_percent=false) or in percent of the price range. Every level could be entered in pips or percent.

You can also use two Take Profit levels (TP1 and TP2). If you use TP1 only, the deal closes at the TP1 level (in pips or %). In case of TP1 and TP2. two deals are opened - the first transaction will be closed at TP1, and at the same moment the Stop Loss level for the second deal will be moved to the entry point. So you can get TP1 profit and wait for TP2 at the same time without any risk!

The system also has protection against false breakout, and places orders only after the first breakout (for BreakoutLevel_pips) and retracement (for RetracementLevel_pips). It is shown at the picture.

STEALTH4 input parameters:

  • RangeBegin - previous range start time
  • RangeEnd - range end time, placing pending orders
  • StopTrade _ cancel of pending orders
  • CloseTrade - close all trades
  • D - distance between resistance/support levels and pending orders levels
  • SingleBreakout - single breakout mode (true) or double breakout (false)
  • BreakoutMode - breakout mode (true) or retracement order (false)
  • BreakoutLevel_pips_percent - distance after first breakout allowed before we start waiting for retracement in (%)
  • BreakoutLevel_pips - the same in pips
  • BreakoutLevel_percent - use BreakoutLevel in (%)
  • RetracementLevel_pips_percent - retracement value to complete first breakout in (%) of range
  • RetracementLevel_pips - the same in pips
  • RetracementLevel_pips_percent - use RetracementLevel in (%)
  • StopLoss(TakeProfit1,TakeProfit2)_pips_percent - value in (%)
  • StopLoss(TakeProfit1,TakeProfit2)_pips - the same in pips
  • StopLoss(TakeProfit1,TakeProfit2)_percent - use parameter in (%)
  • MinPrice - minimum distance from the current price to the pending order
  • Lot - lot size

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